Lucasarts’ Pimply White Ass [ COMIC ]

I wasn’t overly psyched about the new Sam and Max game when I first heard it was in production… I had already been burned by false promises before. Then I saw the E3 trailer and I got really excited. They’ve got the models, the animation, the voice actors, the big name backup, the credibility and an actual release time… this fall. On top of that, these are the people who were suppose to make the original game for LucasArts. Happy? Yes, quite.

The original Sam and Max… Sam and Max: Hit the Road was awesome. This was back in the day when four out of every five games from LucasArts were not prefixed by “Star Wars”. You had Maniac Mansion, Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle, Loom and Full Throttle… “I’m not putting my lips on that”. Funny side note, LucasArts was also planning on doing a sequel for Full Throttle… like Sam and Max, but it got cancelled… also like Sam and Max. Hmm…