Foul Cosplay [ COMIC ]

Got back from attending Otakon this weekend. Definitely had a good time sharing a booth with the guys from Digital Pimp. Now looking forward to attending Intervention next month.

I am a firm believer in cosplaying your body type. I’m 6’6″ tall. And because of such I would never attempt to cosplay as Toad, but feel I might be able to pull off Ganondorf…Of course that means that I would have to cosplay in the first place. With cosplaying you are trying to create a real world interpretation of a fictitious character. When your body type completely contradicts the character your pretending to be, it doesn’t matter how good your costume is the illusion is broken from the start.


  • Bonkers

    Well, I have an idea for a cosplay that is based around my body type.
    I will go to PAX east next year dressed up as Albert Wesker from the Resident Evil series.
    As I am quite fat, I don’t fit the body type for Wesker, but there’s a purpose behind that.
    I will wear a name tag that says “Hello, i’m FAT ALBERT”.
    I still think it’ll be a great joke.
    Also, I intend to do Rufus from street fighter as well, since that does match my body type.

    • Komrade

      That is hilarious.

  • Broketoon

    There are many people that should read this and hold it true…horrible horrible memories ;//;

  • Thijs

    Fat guys cosplaying skinny guys is one thing. Fat guys cosplaying as skinny girls is a whole different (and much bigger) issue :|

    (does this work here?)

    • oh dear lord O.O
      what has been seen, cannot be unseen…curse you ;-)

    • Echo_Hotel

      Dude that’s Sailor Bubba!
      He runs security at Anime Central (or did) and will totally punish you in the name of the moon for touching Zelda inappropriately.

    • LokisDawn

      C’mon, you gotta give him credit for actually *not shaving his beard*. That’s called a parody, I highly doubt he did that straight.

    • BPM

      Sure as heck beats Man-Faye…

  • Flionheart

    I’m planning on cosplaying as the Danny Devito Penguin.

  • Brad

    To be honest, I’d be infinitely happier if people people just cosplayed their own gender

    • Cheers

      i second that

    • Nekozilla

      so true… ive seen too many girls cosplaying Naruto (and they were chubby as well), there was at least one girl that did a Cloud from ff7:ac pretrty well but still…

    • Taroni

      I understand mmoing as the other gender but cosplaying is way too far, if you feel feminine cosplay Gourry ^^

  • HaroldO

    “…it doesn’t matter how good your costume is the illusion is broken from the start”
    To me this sentence sums up almost all cosplay I’ve seen. If the character you’re dressed as has a relatively photorealistic appearance like Scorpion, Dante, Nathan Drake or April Ryan, then maybe you can pull it off. But dressing as a cartoon or something like that always looks silly to me.

    • ThePeebs

      Finally someone that makes sense.

      As for gendre cosplaying, well, women look like sluts, men are twiggy with tiny muscles as a general anime rule. When you go cross-gendre, your looking at men, with tiny skirts (oh god….) and girls that kinda fit the roles, because of their tiny frames.

      Let’s have a little fun with this. At the next convention, instead of girls looking like sluts, I’d like to see maybe a man with the body type to fit into a Shoa Khan cosplay.
      Pictures, or it didn’t happen :D.

      – The Peebs.

  • TheMissingTwin

    unfortunately, I don’t like most female characters in any anime or game, So I’m always going to be cosplaying as a guy, and thats also due to the fact alot of girls I like wear skimpy clothing and I won’t feel comfortable. But in the end, I should just be glad that i’m not overweight and can still wear a cosplay costume without getting disgusted looks. Even though it doesn’t quite fit as my body frame is tiny.
    However the men who don’t shave/look like pedophiles and still cosplay from sailor moon should not stop. I admit it’s kinda gross, but its still a classic and its fun to freak out first timers >u<

  • Phaelin

    If you are doing it for hilarity, please, let the hilarity ensue. If you’re trying to be serious? Well, I’d think you would be trying to fit your type anyway, in that case.

  • Kimi

    … Except people can cosplay as whoever and whatever they want. Considering cosplay is supposed to be a fun, light-hearted hobby.
    Quit body policing.

  • Torchman

    Ye got it wrong. If your THAT fat you should be cosplaying wario, not mario.

    • meiriana

      Definitely got that right XD
      But seriously I think if they can pull off the cosplay just about right it doesn’t matter if it’s a girl cosplaying a boy or the opposite.

  • bidoopoo

    So…what you’re saying is if I go to a Con dressed as Bridget from Guilty Gear, I should “tuck it back” to ensure I don’t ruin the illusion?

    • Actually Bridget from Guilty Gear is a guy who was raised as if he were a woman ettiquette/clothing wise. So no tucking it back is necessary, although if you’re a chick, you may have to tape down your breasts cause Bridget is supposed to be skinny-man-flat in the chest area. Also you may want to start practicing yo-yo tricks.

  • Xicuzab

    So you saw the cosplaying male misty at otakon or the three guys with the gitaurs.

  • Dood54

    Digital Pimp is still making comics? Holy Etna!

  • Iceholder

    I agree with cosplaying to your body type.
    Gender isn’t an issue with me, since it can lead to hilarity/awesomeness.

    Oh, and did you see man-Faye? Please tell me you saw man-Faye.

  • Falos

    Cosplay for play, sure, do what you want. At events though, characters deserve certain obligations; it’s weird if people go to great lengths to imitate distinct accessories or other points, and yet studiously overlook a screaming-loud contrast in build.

  • Nuckel

    I think my rather skinny figure would be good for a TF2 Scout Cosplay. Though I don’t know any cosplay offering events here in Germany.

  • Kate

    I’d have to respectfully disagree, at least on a more casual standpoint.

    For me cosplay is a way to have fun, and even though some people might not fit the body type or gender of the character they like, if they love what they’re doing then more power to them. Especially if they’re normally made fun of or looked down upon for these image issues, as it can help then feel more comfortable in their own skin.

    Though if you are more serious about it and are concerned with keeping up an illusion, that’s just as well for you.

  • Rachel

    The only thing I have about body type is that fat guy’s in spandex should never happen (so many fat Deadpools at Otakon). As far as woman go, girls with big boobs should not cosplay little girls, and if you’re a larger woman as long as you’ve got the right curves for the character I say go for it. As far as guys dressing as girls go if that’s what makes you happy and you’re skirts not shorter then your junk it’s fine with me.

  • blumenkind


    Silly me, I keep thinking that cosplay is supposed to be fun.

  • Frounie

    I have seen all types of cosplay at the few cons I have attended, and I think we’re forgetting some of the benefits that come with incorrect body types and genders. Female Scouts and scantly clad women Pyros? They can capture my base.

    If we need to argue horrible cosplay, look at 99% of video game movies. They’re suppose to be PROFESSIONAL, Prince of Persia? Hitman? Max Payne? Street Fighter? Anyone?

  • Bloop

    Cosplay: it’s serious business.

    Bullshit. It’s supposed to be fun. I put about a hundred hours of work into a costume for a character, and I had by far the best costume of that character despite not having the perfect body type for them. Cosplay is a hobby about having fun, not about trying to become a true representation of a fictional character.

    • Teldori

      “….With cosplaying you are trying to create a real world interpretation of a fictitious character. When your body type completely contradicts the character your pretending to be, it doesn’t matter how good your costume is the illusion is broken from the start…..”

      This was worth repeating once again after reading Bloop’s comment. The 200+ pound person cosplaying as Fran or the 90 pound pasty goth girl with 100 piercings and tattoos cosplaying as Tidus takes away from the fun the silent majority is trying to have.

  • Aetheora

    Everyone has some good valid points, and yes, cosplaying should be fun. But you gotta admit, there should be SOME limits set for who you are and who you have in mind.