Dueling Anagrams [ COMIC ]

At first I thought, “I’ll take a some video game titles and create anagrams of their names. Should be pretty quick to do and fun, as well. Though, I should probably limit it to only five titles.” Well, that was four hours ago and at the very moment I am writing this post, I still need one more to do. Quick my ass!

You see, the problem isn’t that there aren’t a lot of options, because there are. No, the problem is that there are just a lot less good options than I originally expected. Needless to say, you are reading this post and that means I finally found a fifth title to anagramize.

Just wanted to note that I spend almost thirty minutes trying to find a solution to Final Fantasy VII that allowed me to keep Tifa in the anagram.


  • Ptival

    Love the Bioshock one!

    And thumbs up for the FF7 too.

  • Anon

    You know now I’m going to have to go make a webcomic called Delusional Gang.

    • BigLord

      HAHAHAHAHA do it! That’s hilarious!

  • David Herbert


  • Joseph Collins

    This comic is epic win. XD

  • blackguard


  • Ido

    Awesome, I agree that the FFVII one must’ve been hard o_O
    Xenogears => Gore An’ Sex… Was the best I could come with and it’s terrible lol.

  • Palmer

    Did you not use an anagram generator?

    • I did. Thing is they can give you tens of thousands of results with none of them making any sense and then if you find one that actually does make sense then it has to actually be worth making, as well. Still takes time.

  • H3xx

    Tifa Must be Kinky. ;D

    Starfox and Bioshock are hilarious.

  • Shaows
  • Rodolfo

    Excellent! The BioShock one is probably the best, a little sad if you think about it though. Can you make shirts out of these or that would be problematic?

    • If they were just the anagrams, I could. But I really doubt there’s enough interest in these being shirts to merit the time it would take to create and print them.

  • lulz

    rofl consolegames are funny because they all suck big fucking elephant dick!

  • Ashcrexl

    This is by far your silliest comic ever.

  • Beastofwolves

    Starcraft – Cart Farts – Scarf Tart
    World Of Warcraft – Craft Ward For Owl
    Borderlands – Bland Orders

  • Iammars

    Age of Empires = Erase Gimp Foe
    Pretty much describes ever game of Age of Empires I’ve played.

  • Etansel

    The funny thing about the FFVII one is there’s a remix album by Team Teamwork called Vinyl Fantasy VII :D. I guess it’s a favorite of Tifas’

    • I imagined she was more into vinyl costumes…If you know what I mean?

      • White Rice

        Wink wink nudge nudge say no more!

        Does she…does she like PHOTOGRAPHY? You know, CANDID pictures? Know what I mean?

        • A nod is as good as a wink to a blind man. Know what I mean?

  • Legacy

    I don’t know, the concept of Hipster Tifa sounds like it could be rather amusing…

  • derp2derpharder

    if only assassin’s creed had a “t” in it, then you could do “sister ass dances”

    • derp2derpharder

      NEVERMIND, Assassins creed brotherhood > ho sister dances her brood ass
      just dont ask what a brood ass is :p

  • Omnithea

    Dwarf Goo is a pretty good description of what you turn enemies into in God of War.

  • Tom

    Super Mario Brothers – Mirrors bother u apes?

    So the u was sort of cheating.

    Halo 3: ODST – 3D: Lost a ho

  • Otis

    How about:

    The Sims- She Mist
    Megaman- Game Man

  • Dorje Sylas

    For a moment there I though you were also taking a jab at Gameloft, that iOS game maker with suspiciously similar titles to current PC and console hit games. Although I’m fairly sure “OXFarts” would not be approved for the App store…. “We don’t need any more fart Apps.”

  • Justin

    Leisure Suit Larry – Lusty Ruler I Arise

    • H3xx


  • Justin

    Also, Alone in the Dark – Anal Ode Thinker

  • Sephiriah

    Resident Evil = Livened Tires

  • Vake Xeacons

    Dude! These would make awesome bumper stickers! I want one!

    • H3xx

      Agreed. I want a sick hobo bumper sticker. XD

  • ImpofthePerverse

    Super Mario Galaxy = ‘I’m parasexual orgy.’

  • Ocarina of Time: No Erotic Mafia

  • Jakk Frost

    Awesome concept, especially when it works out, like on the Tifa one. I mean, they were all good, that one was just great as punchline.

    Now this isn’t gaming related, I know, but it’s always blown my mind that “Clint Eastwood” is an anagram for “Old West Action”, especially since it’s a natural anagram, as Clint Eastwood is his real name.