Draining the Snake [ COMIC ]

Now that I own a PS3 I can actually get excited about Metal Gear Solid 4. Not excited in the way that a dog gets when it finds a virgin leg to hump. But excited none the less. The trailers for the game look really good. And the new Octocamo camouflage system that allows Snake to blend in with any surface within a few seconds is pretty sweet, too (You see what I did there? That was me explaining the premise of the comic, but without being all blatant about it. I’m so very clever.) All that and a lot more are the reasons I’m excited that the Metal Gear Solid 4 demo will be hitting the PlayStation Store in February. And the reason I created this comic, too.

I attended MarsCon 18 this past weekend. It was pretty cool. Rich and I were on the webcomic panel together along with Kara, Chris, Jennie (cool new site design, by the way), Donnie, Danny, Rob and Barb who was also the moderator. I appreciate MarsCon having me as a guest and I’d love to attend next year as well.

Speaking of conventions, KatsuCon 14 is less than a month away and I will be a guest there as well. I’m going to be participating in a few different panels, so that’s cool. Also, I donated one of the “100% Otaku Guaranteed” shirts (which I will also have on hand at the con to sell) to their “Epic Webcomic Win” Contest. Check it out and if you attend, make sure to stop by the webcomic alley and say “hi”.