Do the Right Thing [ COMIC ]

Remember that animation that I mentioned I was working on in the previous comic? Well, I didn’t finish it. Though not for lack of trying. No in fact if anyone out there with knowledge of location or ability to rip sprites from games who wants to help me finish it you are more than well to so. If anyone can get me the sprite sheets for Rampage for the NES (mainly Lizzie) (Thanks, Giro!) and another one for Dirk the Daring from Dragon’s Lair for the NES (Thanks, Nuckel & Yousuf!), I would be greatly appreciated. Just leave a comment about it in this post or drop me a line.

Meanwhile there’s some awesome Pokémon related material after the fold.


  • David

    Bad pun but I can’t stop giggling. Love your work.

  • Infinity

    I chuckled

  • Michael

    Great pun, because it works on two levels! I read it and thought, “Slowbros? that’s great! and Hoes…oh, hoes!!!”

  • bidoopoo

    Steve, have you checked:

    • Yeah, but it has the mainstream stuff. These are considered a little more obscure than Nintendo or Capcom.

  • Skully

    Not sure why but Ash’s look sells it.

  • Ryan W.
  • Giro

    I found:

    The website said it was from an unreleased mobile version of rampage. I also found

    which is from an arcade version.

    Anyway, I got a tile viewer and am in the process of ripping Lizzie from the NES rampage. I’ll post it here when I’m done.

    • Yeah, those are closer to the arcade version of the game. Unfortunately, I need the NES version. If you can rip Lizzie’s sprites that would be totally awesome. Also, if you could get me some of the breaks and cracks in the buildings that would be awesome as well. Thanks in advance.

  • Guest
    • Guest

      Oh, nevermind. Someone already posted that version.

  • Giro

    I did most of the Lizzie sprites. Missing a few random ones, like drowning, etc. If you need those just let me know. I’ll try and get some buildings for ya later as well.

    • YES! That is exactly what I was looking for. You’re awesome!

  • I couldn’t get the pokemon theme song out of my head yesterday after watching that a cappella performance two days in a row… >.<

    At first, I thought B4 said "BY". Come on, it does look like a "y".

  • Phaelin

    Why is Ned from Ned’s Declassified in my Pokemanz?