Make the Kinection [ COMIC ]

“Remember Billy, if anyone asks you fell down the stairs.”

My Wiimote shakes, the Playstation Move will have vibration feedback, but if I shake while using Kinect I’m probably having an epileptic seizure. Look I know it sounds like something ridiculously trivial, but I think we’ve proven that vibratory feedback is now a pinnacle part of the game’s interaction. If it wasn’t then Sony would have probably stood by Phil Harrison’s statement, when they released the Sixaxis, of: “Now, rumble I think was the last generation feature; it’s not the next-generation feature.” Instead, less than one year later they released the DualShock 3.

How they would add feedback to the Kinect is a very good question. The solution might look a lot like safety equipment. Helmet, shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads, chest plate, shin guards, and gloves all equipped with sensory feedback. Jockstrap would also be available for the more adventurous gamers or for those playing Dead or Alive: Xtreme 2.

Talking about this reminds me of the PainStation:


  • Lulz! I think Microsoft may get in trouble if they basically include a vibrator (the jock strap one) with each purchase of the kinect…. Imagine that awkward conversation with your small child… or even worse, if it’s a shared system… SHARED JOCK STRAP VIBRATOR! You get to use the same vibrator your mother got off with…
    Yeah, I think it’d be a good idea to have that sort of thing, but I think with Microsoft they were intending on trying to go down the route of “See, you don’t need about 20 thousand add-ons for motion sensing like with the Wii and the Playstation Move!”

  • Nuckel

    I can’t imagine an actual product that really does a remotely magnificent job on full body FF… They will already have a hard enough time selling their Kinect. There really is no need to scare even more potential buyers…

    Painstation? A machine slaps you with a piece of rubber… Wow, that’s style. Way cooler than those electro shocks they already used for several dekades…

    • Reozul

      Actually the machine has 3 modes of pain.
      The mini-whip. Heat (happens when the panel lights up) and electro-shocks (can be seen right at the beginning as miniature arcs).

      • Nuckel

        Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Though it still looks to mee like a little Sado-Maso machine…