Do not pass GO! [ COMIC ]

Scott Ramsoomair made a comment earlier this week about Kingdom Hearts II. He said: “I REALLY wish I played it on something besides normal. Game is way too easy on this setting.” Well, this got me thinking as I am playing Kingdom Hearts II on the proud (hard) setting and well… there is no challenge.

The first Kingdom Hearts was the SquareEnix/Disney’s PS2 answer to Zelda… it was an adventure/platformer. Kingdom Hearts II, on the other hand, is a narrative story with the occasional battle to break the monotony. I could nitpick all the specifics, but I will just mention one in particular… remember trying to find all 101 dalmatian puppies in the first game and how you had to keep going back to previous worlds after you gained new abilities to find them? Nothing like that in this game. The only places you go are those that the game wants you to go to, much in the same way as a your mom dragging you by the hand everywhere. And let’s be honest, that was never fun.