Dead Pierski Day [ COMIC ]

Not sure what a Dead Pierski Day is? Well, it’s actually a play on the Dead Piro Days done by Fred Gallagher (or as I like to call him Fugazi). Basically, Fugazi creates some filler and throws up on his site instead of optioning for a missed update. I decided to do one, too. But took a more literal approach. Or more correctly an about to be more literal approach. Plus, I kept it gaming too.

I was contemplating coloring the artwork, but I wanted to keep with the source material and I was lazy.

In a related note to the gaming theme of this comic… Where the hell are the pigeons in GTA IV!? I admit that I am not actively looking for them at all times. But I’ve only found two of the two friggin’ hundred in Liberty City. Do they only appear at night? Do you have to use the helicopter to find most of them? Ugh… Where’s Dick Dastardly and Muttley when you need them?