Cool Webcomic for Attractive People [ COMIC ]

I honestly haven’t had the chance to play Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People, yet. But the reviews for it have been positive, it’s done by Telltale Games (whose doing an awesome job Sam and Max), and it has some of the funniest source material on the interweb to pull from. So odds are it’s worth the Wii Points. Anyone who has played it is more than welcome to comment about the game in this forum thread.

Not much else to say. But I did want everyone to know that the last of the current orders from are shipping today. I’m going to intimately know someone at the post office today after processing the postage for the remaining orders. You really want to screw me up? Buy a whole bunch of stuff that I have to process this weekend. A suggestion might be The Outer Circle Book 1: Digging Up the Past which is currently %25 off the cover price. And if you buy it today (Friday August 22, 2008) I can guarantee it will be in the mail no later than tomorrow. I swear.

Thanks again for everyone who supported with their patronage and patience. And also thanks to everyone who has supported Dueling Analogs over the years, too. You guys rock!