Be Sure to Check the Fine Print [ COMIC ]

I call the kid Dennis.

That’s about it, but I do have a few things to mention. Now, before I plug the Mr. Masters (poster) pre-order I want to mention that there’s a grab bag offer going on at . Basically they took a bunch of shirts, put them in a big pile and marked their prices down to $4.95. The catch is you have no idea what shirt you would get. Hence, the grab bag. But seriously, for only $4.95 for a new shirt it’s worth the chance.

Don’t forget we’re still taking pre-orders for the Mr. Masters (poster) over at from now until June 14th. The poster is regularly $9.95, but by pre-ordering it now you will save $2 off the regular price bringing it down to only $7.95. This poster includes all the Mr. Masters which are in turn parodies of the robot master bosses from Mega Man 1 – 10 and Mega Man Powered Up.

One last thing, here is a brief history of the different times I have made the “princess is in another castle” joke.