Abandonment Issues [ COMIC ]

Truth be told, I do not intend on watching the new Ghostbusters reboot in the theater. Why? Well, in all honestly, I very rarely go to the movies anymore. And on those rare occasions that I do, it has to be something I am really excited to see on the big screen.

So far this year I have gone to the movies twice. First time was to see Deadpool, which was awesome, and the second was to see Hardcore Henry, which was a movie that I felt was best to experience on the big screen, like Grindhouse. Next movie I plan to see in the theaters is Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and that completes my movie viewing schedule for 2016.

Now while I am indifferent to the final Ghostbusters product, I have passionately followed all of the behind-the-scenes drama that lead up to its creation. The Sony hack of ’14 revealed some really telling details, that would make for a great movie itself. Seriously, if you are interested in learning more about what I am talking about I highly recommend watching this video by Midnight’s Edge. It does a real good job summing everything else.

And if you are going to see the movie this weekend, or while it is still in the theaters, enjoy. Me? I’ll probably just wait until it is finally released on Netflix or Hulu, some day.