The New Super Mario Busters 2 [ VIDEO ]

James Farr has created another awesome Super Mario Bros. and Ghostbusters mashup. The gaming references in this one are even more abundant. When watching it make sure to keep an eye on not only the characters, but the environment as well. Enjoy!

source: YouTube


  • FireballDragon

    When I think of “Mario Busters” I think of an old sprite comic I used to read with that name. You can find it on

  • BonzaiSam

    Why is sonic in there?

    • TheyCallMeTomu

      Because Waluigi would have been weird.

    • Phaelin

      Partly because they made a joke of hiring him at the end of the first one. Partly because it’s awesome.

  • marvin

    So since it’s been determined that Toad is Rick Moranis, what we need now is a Little Shop of Horrors gaming crossover, similar to these movies. By the same artist.

    Please? XD

  • URB

    I just love Luigi with this hairstyle :D.

  • yue

    Well.. this was awesome.. yet one of the most random videos I’ve seen in a while.

  • Phaelin

    I think it’s funny that everyone says “Why is Sonic in this?” (not just here, but on YouTube as well), but no one bats an eye at Statue of Liberty Samus.

    • BonzaiSam

      Samus is allowed in my mind because Metroid was on nintendo. Sonic is just out of place, he was apparently hired in the first video. However if I saw it I would probably still question why sonic was there unless they give a very good reason.