Video Games Most Magnificent Mammaries [ VIDEO ]

While I did enjoy the humor in this video, I can think of a lot of top contenders who should have made the list: Mai Shiranui, Tifa Lockhart, Lara Croft, Samus Aran, Lulu from Final Fantasy X…Seriously, I remember being mesmerized Lulu’s breasts in Final Fantasy X. No, not in the excepted perverted sort of way, but because all laws of motion, gravity and any other sort of physics you can think of say that there is no way that that top should have stayed up. But then again, she was a black mage afterall.

Anyone else you think should have been mentioned, please do so below. Also, maybe one day Melvin will dress in drag and do a Top 10 Mens in Video Games as Melvina. It could happen.

source: YouTube


  • thewood

    Morrigan from Dragon Age, good lord, another top that defies all physics while being worn by a black mage. Triss Marigold from The Witcher, she even did a Playboy spread in Poland. I’ll think of more later I’m sure.

  • PrinceJonathan

    Please don’t be a big video, please don’t be a big video (9:12)…shit…well there went 2 hours I could have spent looking at actual adult videos. (fuck dial-up)

    #10 Haha…tassels.
    #9 I imagine when the hologram is turned off the “stuff” would fall to the floor, so have a towel handy.
    #8 Fear boners….boing! *insert spit-take and choking laughter here*.
    #7 Cos-play can be scary sometimes.
    #6 Damn I wish I could play Conker’s Bad Fur Day. Head-tiltingly kinky!
    #5 Eeewww.
    #4 Yes she has a penis. Yes I’d still tap that. Actually she looks like the type to tap me.
    #3 no comment.
    #2…what would a violent game like Soul Caliber be doing in a Chuck E Cheese (I’ve actually never been to a Chuck E Cheese so I wouldn’t know)? I’d figure a game like that would be more at home in a dark arcade parlor, where getting a boner wouldn’t be noticed because it’s so damn dark in there. Do they even have those anymore?
    #1 Ah DoA, I used to watch a show called Cinematech (or something like that) that showcased videogame movies and cutscenes, loved the DoA Extreme Beach Volleyball segments.

    Tifa and Lulu, seriously why weren’t they in here. I’m fairly positive Tifa’s name is a shortening of Titty Funbags (TIFA = TI-tty F-unb-A-gs, see). And anyone else noticed how Lulu’s breasts twitch during her victory pose while under Haste status.

    And a Top 10 Men in Video Games video? Sure I’d watch it. Although I would rather see a video talking about which guys would actually make good boyfriends/partners rather than just cheap homoerotic eye-candy.

  • Sensei Le Roof

    Couldn’t get past #10 before Melvin’s voice got on my nerves.

  • Jaybonaut

    How the hell did Mai Shiranui get skipped?