Paperboy 3: The Hard Way [ VIDEO ]

I want to believe that if this trailer for Paperboy 3: The Hard Way was entered into the Grindhouse faux trailer contest that ran for the Grindhouse theatrical film, that it would have easily beaten out Hobo with a Shotgun for first place.

Paperboy is one of those video game titles that I remember fondly playing in the arcades as a kid. I also owned it on the NES as well, but my memories of that just aren’t as fond. I don’t honestly think it had anything to do with the way the game played, but the lack of proper audio and colors that the arcade had offered.

Paperboy: Arcade vs. Nintendo Entertainment SystemPaperboy: Arcade vs. Nintendo Entertainment System

Still, with the limitations of the Nintendo Entertainment System’s hardware and the fact that Paperboy was the first NES game developed in the United States [1], it’s not that bad.

source: YouTube