This is the History of Nintendo [ VIDEO ]

For their 400th…comic?, Brawl in the Family has created a video with a nerdy song about the history of Nintendo. Congratulations Brawl in the Family on your number 400 milestone. You’re awesome and so is this video!


  • BigLord

    It gets even more awesome when you consider that Matthew had health complications and has been in the hospital for almost a month, now. He got out about a week ago… and he immediately started working on this song :D

  • IheartLxLight


  • Matt

    Actually he said it was in the works prior to being sick but still, a great accomplishment and awesome song.

  • MetalCrow

    No fire emblem? Its sad whenever they get shafted from recognition

  • MrCrazy

    I really like how the Squirtles face changes when he has to face Fulgore.

  • meganekkochaser

    I just shared this on my Facebook and Twitter. Also, Chris Houlihan at 3:23.