Chuck Norris’ Tetris Takedown [ VIDEO ]

Daneboe really seems to get a kick out of making these Chuck Norris vs. videos. I’m not complaining. I’m enjoying them, too.

source: YouTube


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    I am so tired of the Chuck Norris meme. He blew his credibility with half the internet when we realized what a crazy social conservative he is. Can’t we find someone new to idolize as some kind of crazy godman being?

    • Blur


    • Amalasan

      What is hilarious is that chuck norris doesn’t get that this meme is *sarcasm*
      What makes it funny about making him out to be a badass is that is NOT, not even close.
      Only a washed up neverwas

      • stoutfiles

        Chuck Norris was the world karate champ for 6 years straight. He is a 8th degree Tae Kwan Do Black Belt Grand Master.

        He is 72 and could still kick your ass, rather easily.

        • Klingbeil

          Don’t forget his ties to the master – Bruce Lee ;)

        • Alastor

          There is more to a measure of a man than how much damage he can do with his fists.

          Nelson Mandela was a badass, Chuck Norris? Not so much.

          • stoutfiles

            Way to compare apples to oranges!

            However, by the definition of badass, “a tough, aggressive, or uncooperative person”, Norris certainly fits the definition if you fought him in competition. Mandela is more important to history, but they are both badasses in their respective battlefields.

    • Henry

      He’s 72. He was born in a time when it was proper to be more socially conservative. So he’s only crazy by today’s standards.

  • Max

    When Chuck Norris tells a Chuck Norris joke, it’s actually funny.

    • X_Intolerable_X

      That’s kind of a paradox… How can you tell it’s funny if NO ONE LAUGHS AT CHUCK NORRIS?