Trifecta of Knowledge [ VIDEO ]

While this has to be one of the most informative installments of Did You Know Gaming?, it did make my head start to spin midway through watching it. You’ll see what I mean…

source: YouTube


  • Armane

    Whoa, first time I did not know gaming. Never noticed the light medallion in the Temple of Time etc., and I hadn’t read anything about it previously either (except that the Temple of Time wasn’t supposed to be in Hyrule Town).

  • PrinceJonathan

    The Beetles reference made me think of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John for some reason.

    Those beta Twili monsters look like they came straight from my nightmares! Glad they stayed beta.

    Who here heard GO,GO GORON RANGERS followed by the original MMPR theme when they saw the Goron Gestalt-thingy!

    I imagine they could wear colored bandanas and loin cloths as a reference to Ninja Turtles too. Their combining ability could be attributed to them eating magnetic lodestones. Then you fight them by using the Magnetic Gloves to disrupt their magnetic field maybe?

    Most everything else I already knew…except the nipple thing, that’s new! Probably only made it into the 3DS remake because not even Nintendo knew it was there XD!