Super Metroid Remastered [ VIDEO ]

I would really like to say that the remastered in this post’s title is used in the same way as the recent DuckTales Remastered trailer, but alas I cannot.

While not as impactfully good, this is another screenshot remaster by TJ Townsend who did Doom Remastered image last month and it is still awesome to watch.

Here’s the final version below:
Super Metroid Remastered

…and a downloadable/printable version of the image is available on TJ Townsend’s deviantART.

source: YouTube


  • That is truly epic…[]

  • Yue

    If only this was a teaser for an actual 3D HD remake of the game.

  • Blip

    Not necessarily Super Metroid, but still great nonetheless:

  • Tutness


    Long time follower.
    Just thought I’d point out that lately none of the embedded videos on the site are playing for me … I click and get nothing. So thanks for always including a referral link to your source! :) but you might wanna check if it’s something on your end (because on other websites I don’t get this with embedded videos, and yours used to work fine for me too). If it helps I’m using a PC with Windows 7, surfing with Chromium Version 27.0.1439.0 (187566 …. not Chrome).

    • I checked and everything seems to be working fine here. It might be a local issue. Since you’re on a PC I recommend clearing your cache and if that doesn’t work restart. Besides that, your guess is as good as mine.