Doom Remastered [ VIDEO ]

Before you get your hopes up that they are creating a remastered version of Doom with new HD quality artwork, like they did with Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix, don’t. This is just the labor of love from one man that has more patience than I ever will. He took a 320 x 240 screencap from Doom and recreated it as a 9600 x 7211 final product. DAMN!!!

Doom RemasteredBefore
Doom RemasteredAfter

Personally, I would love to see the original Doom redone with this kind of artwork. No changes to the actual gameplay, just the graphics and sound. I could see something like this doing quite well as DLC.

Doom RemasteredSample Details

And if you want a super high quality version of this image to print or make as a desktop picture, they are available to download for free from the artist’s deviantART page.

source: YouTube
via: Gizmodo