Guys Like Girls Who Bring Their Own Protection [ COMIC ]

This is what we call filler… I think.

Saturday morning, I was contemplating chopping the second update for the week for a no-go and just waiting until Monday. That didn’t really set well with me. You see, besides the initial week of Dueling Analogs, which started on a Thursday, I have never updated less than twice a week and I didn’t want to start now. So I decided to do this little piece of art. It was based on a shirt that was once in the store that had the same caption, but Samus Aran in full armor. I decided to draw her in the zero suit as that’s what I’m used to… seeing that I’m more interested in Super Smash Bros. Brawl than I am for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption.

I know this comic won’t be on the main page for very long, seeing that by the time I am posting the news its already Sunday, but I still want to explain why the comic was soooooooo delayed this week. Wednesday was the fourth of July and in United States that’s our independence day from of the tyranny of Great Britain (I say that with love to all my British readers… we cool). Originally, I thought I would have a little time on the 4th to work on the next comic… I was wrong. In fact as soon as I got home from everything, around 11pm, I crashed… good thing too as I had to be at work at 8am the next morning. Well, I knew I wouldn’t have the time to finish the comic Thursday night, so I pushed it to Friday night thinking I would have a little time to work on it. I was wrong, again. Why? Because Friday was my daughter’s birthday. I knew this, but thought I would have at least a little time to work on the comic. Nope. Then, Saturday was her birthday party, but I managed to squeeze this little piece of artwork out in the interim. Uh….

So, it is now Sunday and I need to get started on tomorrow’s comic in a few hours. Before then we need to go and clean out Richard‘s car for the trip to ConnectiCon and get some air freshener in it too… his car as always smelled like crayon. Funny side note, I didn’t get a table in time for Otakon, but they still have me listed as a guest. I’ll be there for the festivities, but I won’t have a table… unless something happens between now and then. If you see me walking around, which I will, I’ll be the six foot six inches tall nordic man with long dirty blond hair wearing shirts I sell in my store walking with two guys that look surprisingly a lot like Richard and Peekaboo from the outer circle. Say, hi.