Super Happy New Year World!! [ VIDEO ]

Looking at the words “Happy New Year!!” being spelled out reminded me of the words, “You are a super player!”, that were spelled out in the level “Funky” from Super Mario World. So, since I actually made the connection between these two unrelated events, I decided to create a little animation with Mario running through said fictitious level, much in the same vein as my Happy 4th of July from a couple years past.

I was originally going to create this as an animated GIF, but the final version would have been too large of a file size (I’m guessing somewhere close to 1 meg). So I settled on flash. Why? Well, the sample version of this animation that is displayed on the RSS feed is 8kb… That’s one half of the entire animation in flash (16.78kb is the final total). Also, being in flash gave me the ability to count the coins that Mario has collected which in turn let’s Mario gain extra men. It should go all the way up to 99, but I never watched long enough to find out.

So… Since this is about the new year: any interesting New Year’s resolutions? Any games you plan to finally conker this year, as well?


  • David Herbert

    Nice. My NY Resolution is to get my webcomic really successful.

  • My NYR is to get my driver’s license, and get recognized on the interwebs. Maybe get a cool job doing it, too. (Might be a bit of a stretch).

    On the gaming front: I just finished Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Want a sequel now.

  • Nuckel

    Coin counter goes up to 99 and then starts all over… So far for that.

    Well, my NYR would be something like getting a job aswell as playing some old-school games that I didn’t get experience in the past (no, not Pokemon but Zelda and stuff).

    • Yes, but once the coin reaches 100 the extra lives increases by 1. What I’m saying is the extra lives should cap out at 99.

      • Nuckel

        My fault.
        Well, my calculations say that you would need to have this animation run for about 102 minutes to find out. ;)

        • after 99 the number of lives goes to 11 and then seems to stay there for at least a number of rounds. After a while it seems to restart at 1 (though i did not catch that until it was at 5 already, now it’s increasing normally again).

  • IgnisSomnia

    My NYR is to try and see if i can finally finish this story iv’e been writing. And to finally try strawberry ice cream after all these years of being alive

  • Brad

    So how come there’s no stage music =P

    • I originally had music and sound effects in it, but between all the movieClips that were already in place for the coins, adding the additional sounds and calls to turn off the sounds for those who didn’t want to hear them were too taxing on the SWF and myself.

  • TheOrganGrinder

    Sounds like you plan to beat “Conkers Bad Fur Day” this year?

  • H3xx

    My Nyr is… You know what? I’m good. I dont need to improve myself. I’m happy with the way I am.

    • Lizardman

      noone is perfect. you should always strive to be better. you can be as happy as can be but you should still seek improvement.

  • ~X~

    *plays the Robot Rainbow Unicorn song*