Super Happy New Year World!! [ VIDEO ]

Looking at the words “Happy New Year!!” being spelled out reminded me of the words, “You are a super player!”, that were spelled out in the level “Funky” from Super Mario World. So, since I actually made the connection between these two unrelated events, I decided to create a little animation with Mario running through said fictitious level, much in the same vein as my Happy 4th of July from a couple years past.

I was originally going to create this as an animated GIF, but the final version would have been too large of a file size (I’m guessing somewhere close to 1 meg). So I settled on flash. Why? Well, the sample version of this animation that is displayed on the RSS feed is 8kb… That’s one half of the entire animation in flash (16.78kb is the final total). Also, being in flash gave me the ability to count the coins that Mario has collected which in turn let’s Mario gain extra men. It should go all the way up to 99, but I never watched long enough to find out.

So… Since this is about the new year: any interesting New Year’s resolutions? Any games you plan to finally conker this year, as well?