Something Else was in the Plumber’s Crack [ VIDEO ]

Wow. Honestly, how cool would it be if there was a level in a Super Mario Bros. game called Hell Valley. Nonetheless, I find the reference to Back to the Future humorous.

source: YouTube


  • Phaelin

    That voice is pure sex

  • PrinceJonathan

    I thought that “?” ball looked familiar.

    And the Hell Valley Sky Tree I read about in an article on Cracked about creepy video game easter eggs ages ago. It’s not too hard to guess “Hell Valley” might be the beta name for the lava area and the aliens were just something a programmer put in there to mess with us.

    Did not know about the unholy union between Nintendo and Phillips almost created a Super Mario World hellspawn inbreed demon baby. We dodged the bullet on that one.

    I did know the part about the blocks being Toads cursed by black magic, I read the manual years ago.

    2:24 in the video, what the hell is with Peach’s sprite? Standing next to Mario she looks like she’s 12-14yrs old XD! I’m picturing a few seconds later Mario takes off a latex mask and underneath is Pedobear.

    And I knew Vivian is a Man in Japan too. Creepy Steeple is my favorite level of Paper Mario:TYD and Vivian is my favorite partner. Fiery Jinx is one of the best attacks in the game. Vivian rocks!

  • Garland

    Killing thousands to save millions! Mario is just like the Power Rangers!

    • PrinceJonathan

      Nah he’d need to have a giant fighting robot made of smaller fighting robots piloted by other Mario characters like Luigi (Green Ranger), Toad (Blue Ranger), Peach (Pink Ranger), and Daisy (Yellow Ranger)…HOLY SHIT THEY ARE THE POWER RANGERS!!!

      That would make a great plot for a Super Mario RPG sequel. In that case the Green Ranger would be Bowser, Blue would be Geno, and Yellow would be Mallow. The zords could be built by E.Gadd. And I guess the sixth ranger would be Luigi…actually Bowser would make a better sixth ranger so lets put Luigi in the main team as the Green Ranger.