Puppy with a Cow Udder and Now a Music Video, Too!! [ VIDEO ]

Puppy Cow, created by Jamie Noguchi, has it’s only fan page, plushie and now it’s own music video, as well. Lucky. I got a rock.

Puppy Cow Music Video

source: Yellow Peril


  • Thanks for the love Steve!!!

    • Thanks for continuing to take Puppy Cow to the next level. It’s definitely reached the point of being meme worthy or at the very least a show on Adult Swim.

      • You know, it’s totally your fault I did this animation thing! I blame you!!! hahaha

  • Armane

    Narrator: Using his beta capsule, Puppy Cow becomes Ultrapuppy Cow!
    Puppy Cow: Shu-shu-watch!

    Hen-hen-shin! *electric fan whirrs, 60s special effects* Kamen Rider Puppy Cow!

    You hear that? Dogbos.