Other M – Part III [ COMIC ]

The birthing process must have been painful.

Today’s guest strip is done by Jamie Noguchi who is the creator of Yellow Peril and is also twistedly brilliant person responsible for unleashing the adorable abomination called Puppy Cow upon the world. He’s also the first person to ever create and multi-page guest strip story for Dueling Analogs. Today is final part of the story. The first part ran on Monday and the second part ran yesterday. He did an awesome job on this story. Thanks, Jamie.

Oh, not sure what’s going on with all the guest strips? Then read this news post.


  • Flammable Hippie

    Hmm… That explains alot. xD

  • ANdy

    Haha, such a win ending. Nice series!

  • Flammable Hippie

    He’ll be even more shocked the next time when the kid comes out looking like me. xD

  • Minato / Aenya

    Haha… Epic Win Ending! It was obvious it would be crazy. Mad props to Jamie ^_^

  • JayCarr

    I feel stupid, but I don’t get it… Can someone please explain what that thing is?

  • Arthur

    JayCarr: That’s a Metroid and Mega Man is upset because it clearly means the kid ain’t his.

    That was fucking horrendous. I don’t like guest comics as it stands but this is just shit.

    • Ido

      You’re just mad because you can’t appreciate an old joke and good art.

    • Sephiriah

      Another thing that would make sense is the fact that in Metroid Fusion, Samus’ DNA was fused with a metroid’s in order to combat the X-Parasite. Hehe, aint genetics a real kicker.

  • Jenova

    The last panel is so sad : (

    But Epic that it was a Metroid. ^^

  • just broke my heart

  • Johnny

    These would work so much better as a single strip. As is, it just seems like bad pacing ):

  • Should have seen this coming. From the beginning I kept saying, “He’s a robot! A super fighting robot!” He’d have to build a kid out of his adapters and discarded pieces of Samus’ armor.

    • The Anarchyz

      If we want to talk about the robot stuff, Dr. Light didn’t have the tech to give Megaman free will, let alone human feelings, that tech was fully developed with X, so he can’t be in love with Samus, marry her, have sex with her and feel sad about the baby being a Metroid… Nevertheless this 3 guest strips were win, win and more win.

      • Zerokt15

        Could be Rock Volnutt?

        • The Anarchyz

          I thought so too (because of the brown hair), but Volnutt lives at least in the 50th or 60th century, where all humans died and the Earth (Terra) is mostly water, and Samus fought the Metroids for the 1st time in the year 20X5, the same time as Megaman…

  • Triaxx

    Awesome ending, though I feel it necessary to mention that he’s also one of the minds that created Erfworld, even though he’s no longer involved.

  • Rokai

    Please Steve, no more guest strips.

    • Apparently you didn’t read this news post. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • Anony

      Makes you wish you could take a month “off” (which is different than regular off) every year, too, doesn’t it?

  • Shaows

    The standard metroid doesn’t have any tentacles, so I have to go with the Prime Metroid or the 30ft tall Omega Metroid as the father.



    *nerdrage mode off*

    • Actually, it’s black in the original series. Have no idea why some of the sprite pictures have him with blue hair.

      • Teaches me to use the internet for references. The ones I found with him without a helmet had him with brown hair.

  • randomgamerdude

    Gaaaahh! That thing landed on my head on Brawl! I was playing as Samus too!

  • Marvin

    Well, Samus has some Metroid DNA, so this comic sorta makes sense.. Maybe Mega will accept the fact that the kid doesn’t look much like him right now..?


      That just got me thinking, how can he even reproduce if hes a robot?

      • bidoopoo

        His kid or not, I’m betting he’s still on the hook for child support payments.

        And seeing as how Samus has a track record of killing sh*t that gets in her way, he’s gonna make each and every one of them.

        • angelson1992

          That comment FTW. Although he does have a lot of defensive abilities that could allow him to survive a battle with Samus with relatively little injury. Although Samus has a lot of ways of attacking what with ice missiles and electro-hooks. I wonder who would win in a strait battle between them.

          I vote Megaman. He has too many options to choose from in a fight.

  • The Anarchyz

    I think that all of us forgot this: How can Samus be pregnant with a Metroid without dying in the process?, those creatures suck energy really fast, i think a “Metroid fetus” would be slower, but still…

    Ok, assuming that a “Metroid fetus” doesn’t attack the mother from the inside (we know the Metroids don’t attack the “mother”, but those are already born), what stops it from sucking the energy out of Megaman? unless Megaman has the Ice Man/Blizzard Man/Freeze Man weapon to give it a “timeout”…

    Ok, this ends my geek rant for now XD XD XD

  • crashmaker

    So.. Who is the father? The answer lies in the title.. “The Other M” so, it´s not M for Megamen ;)

  • Yoyomom

    Samus wouldn’t be the first person to cheat on Megaman.

    • Broketoon

      nor the last :)

  • Great three part series. Loved the build up and the ending. Very bitter sweet.

  • Fangs? In MY vagina?! It’s more likely than you think.

  • Jerus SeeBroth

    Everyone who claimed they hated these guest strips probably fapped to samus ontop of megaman and just feel bad for old megahead. If they think about the fact that the baby looks like Samus Helmet might clue them in some. If megaman really wants a kid he’ll build one from dissassembling roll , parts of his self or another megaman , and Samus armor ….Damn that’d be pretty cool actually… Why is the Turkey gone?