Pokémon in Real Life [ VIDEO ]

Very funny video. Just wanted to wait until it was further down on the Halolz homepage before reposting it here.

source: YouTube
via: Halolz


  • Shroom

    Maybe I’m just obsessed, but this video was ruined for me by the fact that Pikachu can’t learn Scratch…

    • Randomgamerdude

      I’d see if you were right, but my DS is lost amongst 6-month-old homework assignments and projects.
      Don’t even ask about my Gameboy Advance.

    • Yep, for those wondering, he’s right: http://serebii.net/pokedex/025.shtml No scratch here…

    • odderz

      You sir are most correct. Unlike most Pokémon you meet early on in Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow, Pikachu actually has a beginning move which reflects it’s type, the only other Pokémon you meet before getting to Pewter which you can catch with type-specific moves already (without levelling them) are Weedle (Poison Sting) and Spearow (Peck).

      …Or maybe I’m just obsessed.

  • AndrewFoose

    You looked at me funny! Let’s battle!

    • Adare

      I think that’s a direct quote from the game.

  • My Butt


  • Lol:)

    Holy shit, I love how you guys complain in a set form just because of an error of themselves directed towards the pokemon game. Stfu, it’s a great parody:P