Mortal Kombat: Legacy – Episode 4 “Kitana & Mileena P1” [ VIDEO ]

Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Episode 4
Fourth episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy starring Aleks Paunovic (Shao Khan), Samantha Tjhia (Kitana), Jolene Tran (Mileena), Kirby Morrow (King Jerrod), Beatrice Ilg (Queen Sindel), Johnson Phan (Shang Tsung), Fraser Aitcheson (Baraka) and Karin Inghammar (Narrator).



  • Scott

    Resounding ‘meh’. I prefer the ‘mostly grounded in reality’ version from the original trailer

    • asdf

      Wait wait wait wait…Mortal Kombat. MORTAL KOMBAT, grounded in REALITY? What the fuck are you talking about? Mortal Kombat grounded in reality is NOTHING! Nothing would happen, there is no story, there is nothing. There’s no magic in reality, goodbye bad guys. Goodbye Scorpion and Sub-Zero. They have movies like this that are grounded in reality. Kung-fu movies. A fucking million of them. Grouned in reality my ass. You are retarded.

      • Scott

        I’m sorry if it seemed like what I was saying was ridiculous, but if you go back and look at the original “Mortal Kombat: Rebirth” trailer it does a pretty good job of providing reasonable explanations for characters and their freakish deformities.

        Baraka, for example, was a psychotic plastic surgeon, and Reptile was born a harlequin. Sheng Tsung was some kind of triad kingpin or…something. It didn’t really go into specifics. Because that trailer is the whole reason this series exists at all, I just kind of assumed they’d stick to what they mentioned in it. Apparently they haven’t, and I find the mixture of straight-faced crime drama stuff from the first two episodes coupled with this to be a bit off-putting.

        Not to mention the previous episode in which Johnny Cage was portrayed pretty believably as an out of work former teen hearthrob right up until the last twenty seconds of the trailer in which he’s accosted by wizards. I just wish the writers and director had picked a side and stuck to it instead of setting up their own universe a certain way and then kind of going in a totally opposite direction.

        Anyway, either way I’m sorry I upset you.

    • Laid a Few

      Mortal Kombat is awesome so far! I just found a blog that’s giving out the preorder DLC for all the costumes, and the new Kenshi character DLC!

      I just got my Reptile Klassic Kostume but I don’t know if there’s anymore keys left. If you want to check it out, here’s the site:

      freemortalkombatdlc|.|com|.|nu (Remove the |’s and paste in your browser!)

  • andrew

    Wtf….that didn’t even look like a tarkatan/ baraka at all. And mileena always had have her tarkatan teeth shown. Please stay to the actual MK lore next time and do the costume/make up right

    • MarkSWH

      I don’t think it would really work that way… when adapting something from a form of media to another, changes are always needed, because the core audience is different.
      Baraka has some characteristics. Big fangs would have costed more and look awkward in a web/tv series. And what are they for? Fangs were put to give him a “beast”, “animalistic” feel. In the tv-series they just showed that side in another way.
      And yes, you may say that a webseries about a videogame will only have the same core audience of the game.. but really, it’s better this way. It’s more important a nice and believable backstory than those small details.