Get Up to Speed on Metroid [ VIDEO ]

Mmm… that’s some good Metroid lore.

source: YouTube


  • Midean Tsukasa

    I read this in the Manga….any new lore that hasn’t been around since the 90’s?

    • Ah ha, nope.
      Unless you count all the Adam/Federation stuff in Other M……. DOT DOT KA-FUCKING-DOT.
      There’s stuff for the future, like Fusion had X Parasite Zebian Pirates, posibly implying they either had Zebians on the BSL sation (again, like Other M, which, gameplay and environment-wise (and a good chunk of plot), was just “Fusion 3D”), or that whatever’s left of the Pirates after Corruption may have X-Parasite ‘sleeper cells’ hiding in their ranks.

  • Chaos

    I never really got all that into Metroid but holy shit, mind = blown.

  • PrinceJonathan

    What is up with Youtube? I wait for a video to fully buffer (is that the right term?) then hit replay so I can watch the entire thing without pausing every 5 seconds and it has to start buffering all over again.

    This thing is 1:24 long and it takes about 30min to load, is that normal or is it just me and my crappy computer/internet?

    Anyway it was a wonderful video that didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know.

    For Metroid 5 I’d like to see the aftereffects of Samus blowing up the BLS station and having to fight a corrupt government.

    And maybe they could introduce a new character who’d be an S-AX that managed to survive, had absorbed so many human memories it forget what it was, takes on the form of a human male and dons a copy of the Power Suit and becomes a bounty hunter like Samus since it’s one of the few things it can remember, and could be a potential love interest. Wouldn’t that be neat a half-X/half-human and a one-third Human/Chozo/Metroid, I bet the shape-shifting would make for all kinds of fun.

    But they’ll probably just stick her with Adam.