Have a Morph Ball with Some Fun Metroid Facts [ VIDEO ]

My knowledge of the Metroid franchise is very minimal. Which is funny when you consider the fact that I have beaten a good chunk of the games in the series. I guess it’s just something that hasn’t stuck with me. Which is also funny, because most of the Metroid games are exceptionally good.

source: YouTube


  • Pernoda

    This was interesting. I love the Metroid games even though it was my brother who played through them ( I watched and pointed out things he didn’t see). While it seems that making Samus a woman rather than a man was kind of a jokey, twist ending after a while you didn’t worry about it. Samus being a woman became a non-issue (especially in Metroid: Prime) because you’re more concerned about running out of missiles and metroids attaching themselves to you.