Does Twitch Plays Pokémon Give You Hope for Humanity? [ VIDEO ]

I love the Idea Channel videos. Mike Rugnetta is just an awesome host. So when I saw that they uploaded a video about Twitch Plays Pokémon, you better damn well bet I was going to share it.

source: YouTube


  • Ryu

    So is the premise here that consensus (but not unanimity) towards a common goal is a good thing? I can’t see the hope or good here.

    What I can establish is this: If anarchy (in the sense of the game’s use of the word), some assholes will (with reasonable success) strongly hinder (if not derail) any valuable progress that can be made. On the other hand, if democracy (again, in the game’s vernacular), it doesn’t matter what the whole wants, just most of it, and it legitimately doesn’t matter what ANYONE else wants, assholes or otherwise…

    Either way, either we gain no progress, minimal progress, or only gain progress in the vein of the desires of the majority and even then in a time period that is dramatically slower than could be accomplished otherwise. Not to mention that in that time, it is likely that only the most basic goals are accomplished.

    I see the value in it as a metaphor, but I don’t see it being a hopeful one…