Triple Your Internet Speed [ VIDEO ]

Being a Mac user, I did not have any IDE cables lying from my older machines. But I did have some SCSI cables and I want you to know that they work just fine as well.

source: YouTube


  • Bgordes

    Six years older but just as good. Infinite Solutions have some of my favourite videos.

  • Blur

    I was getting excited until I recognized who this guy was. >_<

    That and the "Use Electrical tape because it's conductive".

  • Sigurther

    … “Use electrical tape because it conducts electricity better!” Hoo boy. Now I want to try to see if this has any effect whatsoever, positive or negative.

    • Taellosse

      It won’t. Obviously – the cables are insulated, so it couldn’t possibly matter, even if attaching batteries could make a difference otherwise (which it can’t). But he sounds so genuine, you almost believe him for a second, huh?

    • Leigh Telles

      It’s Home Boy dude, no Hoo boy, what is Hoo

  • Democlis

    I wonder how many people did this and got that ridiculous looking cable attached to their computer.