Sad, Little Dreamcast [ IMAGE ]

Even though I was commissioned to create this t-shirt design for ZeStuff, back in April of ’07, I’m still going to list it under exclusives since ZeStuff stopped selling gaming related merchandise back in 2009, and is now solely a hosting and online solutions provider.

So back around 2007, I was the behind the scenes guy for a lot of ZeStuff and Blind Ferret Media related merchandise. That year, I created about a dozen different t-shirt designs for ZeStuff (some my own, but most of the time I was commissioned specifically for ZeStuff), vector designs for 8-bit Theater shot glasses, and I even designed the site for Least I Could Do (no longer active). It was fun freelance work and the extra money was nice too.


  • yue

    because your parents(SEGA) were stupid, that’s why.

    • Annales

      Watch your mouth! The Dreamcast community is still alive and vibrant. Some games even still come out for it (Sturmwind, 2013).

  • Blip

    The Dreamcast is still an excellent gaming console. If it would have been able to load Saturn games, even better. But man… ShenMue (Sadly, never chapter 3!), Sonic Adventure, PowerStone, ChuChu Rocket, Soul Calibur, Resident Evil, certain SEGA Arcade Ports, Phantasy Star.

    With the right adapter, you could easily connect that console to a PC display. Way before Sony and Nintendo with the VGA Adapters. At constant 60Hz. Definitely wasn’t a failure IMO, but Sony and Nintendo were ultimately stronger in terms of sales. Which broke Sega’s neck. Not to mention certain disputes with SEGA and Microsoft around that time as well, or the once rumored joint venture with NeoGeo (as peripheral – Japan had so many great ideas)… Else we might have seen Dreamcast support in the XBox, amongst other things.

  • Phaelin

    Wait, YOU designed the shot glasses? I wanted those SO BAD back in the day.

    Oh man, ZeStuff, that’s bringing back some hard memories, man.

    • I took Scott Ramsoomair original drawings and redid them in vector format. I also had to update Garland and the White Mage to be consistent with the other four character’s artwork (as those two were created 3 years prior to the others).