On Pins and Needle Mans [ IMAGE ]

Back in December, Justin Hill decided to put together a Mega Man robot master drawing collaboration that covered 80 different robot masters over 25 years. Being the huge fan of the Mega Man franchise I am, I decided to join in on this collaboration.

The robot master that I wanted to draw the most was Skull Man (don’t ask me why, he’s just my favorite). Unfortunately, when I signed up Skull Man was already taken. I did notice that Needle Man was still available and I thought that was odd. Needle Man was in Mega Man III and that’s one of the more well known games in the original series. At that point, I felt kind of sad for Needle Man. So I decided to choose him and emote that sadness onto my rendition. And that folks, is why you’re looking at a sad Needle Man.

Still not sure what Justin is going to do with all the submissions when he gets them, but I will make sure to share that information somewhere when I find out.