So long, King Bowser (Part V) [ COMIC ]

I am so not used to creating Dueling Analogs comics for any days besides the regularly scheduled. What was scheduled for Friday, wound up being released on Saturday with the news coming out on Sunday… fun.

Only three more comics left in this story. The next two will run as normal on Monday and Wednesday. I’m shooting for the last one to run on Friday, but it might be a Saturday strip as well. After that its back to normal.

I guess I could have ran the comics two a week for three weeks, but with games like Little Big Planet being announced I want to be able to work in the here and now as quickly as possible. That’s why I’m pushing three a week right now.

Promoting my other webcomic the outer circle some more as the two year celebration is still continuing. The latest guest strips are by Shell Maher of The Joshua Tree, d!o of John and John and Frank Page of Bob the Squirrel. And just as last year I am still updating the comic as usual right below the guest strips. Still a lot more guest strips to come, so make sure to check it out.