Role-playing Game Logic – Guns [ COMIC ]

I was at home watching my girls on a rainy Saturday morning last month. They were off having a tea party down the hall and I was sitting in the living room all alone and bored. To alleviate my boredom I decided to fire up the Playstation 3 and play a game. My choices were two different RPGs: Final Fantasy X-2 and Rogue Galaxy…I’m just kidding. I never had any intentions of playing Final Fantasy X-2.

So…I’ve been playing Rogue Galaxy for some time now and I’m nearing the end of the game. One thing I find oddly humorous, is that guns I’ve had since the beginning of the game and that were barely able to damage creatures can now kill those exact same creatures with a single shot. Somewhere along the journey did my characters’ pointer fingers become so strong that they can now pull their gun triggers with such force as to increase said weapons’ firing power tenfold?

Now I’m willing to suspend my disbelief when it comes to melee weapons. Increasing a character’s skill levels and strength could change the way a characters attack. But the gun that did so much damage should still do the same amount of damage regardless of what level the character that is firing it may be. With that said, I am so glad that the developers of Rogue Galaxy did not see a need to include this aspect in the game. My main character’s gun is currently the strongest and most effective weapon in his arsenal.