Double Entendre [ COMIC ]

I felt the animation was a nice touch.

Before I posted the news here I was trying to find an awesome video a saw online a while back about why the NES did the whole blinking thing. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find it. The video wasn’t so much about the blinking as more talking about the difference between the NES and the Famicom systems, of which the Famicom didn’t do the whole blinking thing.

I remember it has something to do with what the difference between 60-pin vs. 72-pin cartridges and what each of the pins did. And in the video they also talked about the sound difference between the NES and Famicom versions of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

I know, random information. But if anyone knows which video I’m talking about, post it in this entries’ forum thread and then I can update the main page with a link to it. I think it would add some good background information for this comic.

Update: Ghegs was so kind enough to tell me where the video was located. It was done by Famicom Dojo and that episode in particular was called Cartridges and Pins. It’s an entertaining and informative watch.

I really enjoyed the forum discussion for the last comic. Good times, good times. Thanks to everyone who participated in it as well as everyone who took the time to follow along. I appreciate it.