Big Daddy’s Dentistry [ COMIC ]

Ross Miller had posted in the previous Joystiq Weekly Webcomic Wrapup that this week’s wrapup would be about Bioshock. Now being the whore that I am, of course I had to do a comic about Bioshock.

When I thinking about Bioshock all I could focus on was the character Big Daddy. When I think of Big Daddy, countless things pop into my head… Big Daddy from Gungrave, the movie Big Daddy, Big Daddy Kane, the wrestler Big Daddy a.k.a. The Blonde Adonis a.k.a. Mr. Universe a.k.a. The Battling Guardsman and so on… So, I trash the whole parody angle and make him a dentist. Just like his mother always wanted him to be.

With all the publicity for Bioshock going on, lets not forget that two other equally cool games are coming out this week. Of course I’m talking about Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii and Blue Dragon coming out for the 360… man I can’t wait to play Blue Dragon. The demo was cool, but it was too far into the story to really know what’s going on. But I guess that’s what they wanted.

In Dueling Analogs news, I’m going to be adding a poll to the site to get a better demographic of the audience. It will help with advertisement, but it will also be used to help plan future merchandise and comic possibilities. The more people who fill it out the better. But as I said I’m “going to be” adding the poll. Which means sometime before 2010.