A Better Solution… [ COMIC ]

This is kind of a last minute thing. I was finishing up the artwork for the strip that would have ran today, but my application crashed and I had yet to save out a key source file. So, that comic will run on Wednesday instead.

Today’s comic, is an advertisement that I created for the Speech Bubble Media media packet. Speech Bubble Media is a group that finds advertisers for webcomics. So how am I going to relate this ad group to gaming? Well, Dueling Analogs deals not only with games, but with the gaming culture as well and gaming webcomics are part of that culture… thus the way they advertise must be part of that culture as well (I know its half-ass, but it was the best I could do). Some of the gaming webcomics that are members are COMMISSIONED, ExtraLife, F@NB0Y$, Hookie Dookie Panic!, Mac Hall, Little Gamers, Press Start to Play and Real Life Comics just to name a few… also Dueling Analogs is a member as well.

Come back Wednesday a regularly gaming comic…