Wa [ VIDEO ]


source: YouTube


  • Tokoshoran Lansh

    @Keith of the Facebook comments, if you see this: “WArt” is “Wa-Bowser.” Rather than being defeated by his own machines, he gets defeated by his own garden. “Wa-Yoshi” is Boshi (Not an actual Wa name, but oh well), who is rather selfish and wishes to keep things for himself rather than to help out the humans and toads. Then you’ve got Daisy, who, let’s face it, is the Crazy Continent version of Peach.

    • Saulo Ottoni

      Actually, Wart is not an actual Wa name, since his name in japanese is Mamuu.

      Boshi, on the other hand, is Washi in Japan, and his name has the same logic of Wario and Waruiji.