What You Didn’t Know about Majora’s Mask [ VIDEO ]

Never played Majora’s Mask. Maybe one day. I heard it was good.

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    I played it, got bored with it fairly quickly. But then, the same thing happened to me with Ocarina of Time, so it’s not surprising. I still don’t know to this day why I can’t get into OoT; maybe it’s the linearity, or how none of the dungeons have anything but ambience… or maybe I’m just not a fan of 3D adventure games.

    Then again, I still replay Super Mario 64 frequently enough. I probably just find the gameplay boring; the whole lock-on thing, while necessary in a 3D environment to a degree, just felt tedious. Half the time I didn’t even bother unless it was required for a gimmick (such as the Water Temple boss).

    Wind Waker had the same lock-on feature, but it didn’t really bother me there. I think it was because I could do more with it, and the combat system had more options. Older 2D games didn’t have the same options, so instead they made do with giving the enemies variety in movement patterns and attacking styles, forcing you to change how you approached them. In OoT, you approached most everything the same way: Z-Target, wait until vulnerable/use weakness item, then wail on until dead.

    In older 2D games (and to an extent, in WW) you were far more dynamic, and there was much less waiting involved in the combat. There was also less emphasis toward sitting still and pegging an enemy with something to get them to drop their guard, on the occasion where just randomly flailing wouldn’t get the job done.

    I guess I just find these two games in particular to be boring. Which isn’t to say they’re bad, but they obviously don’t appeal to my tastes.