Upgrading Through Every Version of Windows [ VIDEO ]

This is a cool video that shows the effects of installing every major upgrade version of Windows, in order, on the same machine. Though they did ignore Windows ME, but didn’t we all?

Upgrading Through Every Version of Windows

source: YouTube


  • Ryan

    I used Windows Multiple Error… but I got it for free at the launch party, so I have an excuse.

  • Kaye

    I can’t forget ME. That was on the first new computer I owned. When I was 8… *shudders* Friggin blue screen of death…

    • My college laptop had ME. I did upgrade it to XP at some point, but it was an old (then current) Toshiba Satellite that was full of problems that required a complete reinstall of the boxed in disc. Following that, ME worked perfectly for me. Well, to the fullest extent that ME works. Don’t knock your operating system, no matter how poorly it may seem to work. You work with it and treat it right, and the complaints go away.

      • Kaye

        My dad did install XP around ’03 or ’04 on it, but it ran sluggishly because it still had a Pentium III processor on it. I can talk worse about the next desktop I got because my dad got it from the pawn shop. And it had pr0n on it.

        But the two laptops I’ve had were great! =)