The Story of Howard Scott Warshaw [ VIDEO ]

I actually owned E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial for the Atari 2600, when it first came out. I am also willing to bet that if I look through my attic, I can find a copy of it somewhere.

All joking aside, I really did enjoy the game. I’ve made jokes about this game in the past, but I genuinely had fun playing it back then. Then again, I was raised in a different era of gaming. Back then, how cool the box art looked was all you had to go on. And if you bought a game you didn’t like, do you know what we did? We learned to like, until that game was our most favorite game we ever played.

You think I am kidding? I love Back to the Future, for the Nintendo Entertainment System. I know what the general consensus is about this game and I have also watched the Angry Nintendo Video Game Nerd’s review of this title, but unlike the Nerd and pretty much everyone else that have played the game – I mastered it. I can play that game from start to finish without losing a life or even getting hit once. How? Because I played that game so darn much that I actually mastered it and after I mastered it, I also discovered that I really enjoyed playing it. True story.

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source: YouTube