The Ballad of Mike Haggar [ VIDEO ]

Not quite sure how to describe this, so you’re just going to have to watch it.

source: YouTube


  • Stan

    That was the best videogame parody I’ve seen in a long while. It has single-handedly changed my view of Final Fight. Righteous Mike Haggar.

  • Frady

    Epic Tale, this tale holds more Epic then Iliad and the Odyssey

  • Tremeos

    Thanks a lot, now everything I’m reading is narrated by that guy. :P

  • PingKing

    That was Amazing = )

  • Nekozilla

    Mike Haggar is the video game world’s version of Chuck Norris lol. honestly i didnt quite listen to the first half, but the second half was the epitome of epicness XD

  • wolfen

    damm only Mike Haggar could piledrive odin all the way from valhalla to the earth.

    sorry zanguief, i guess your falling behind now