The 50 Most Frustrating Moments In Video Games [ VIDEO ]

After the previous post, I’m not sure if me sharing this counts as ironic, hypocritical, or just a little bit of both. Who knows?

source: YouTube


  • JP

    I think the most frustrating moment I ever met that I didn’t catch in the video was when I played Zero Tolerance (a Genesis FPS set in a space station overrun by aliens), diligently saving my ammo, and I ran out anyway when I was at floor 70 or so. (You had to clear a floor to get in the elevator.)

    I resorted to running through the corridors attracting myriads of aliens to run after me only I could be more effective with the landmines I still had in my inventory. And then they ran out too.

    I kept running, using carefully calculated grenade throws at the walls so they would explode just when the most aliens would be close to them. Until they finally ran out too and I simply had nothing else to kill remaining aliens with. I simply turned the console off and swore to never play that game again.

    • JP

      I forgot to mention I actually still had ONE way to get ammo. I would just have to scour previous floors for whatever I had left from when ammo was abundant. The floors were clear of aliens but items didn’t appear in the map so I’d have to blindly search, descending at least 40 floors because that’s when I could recall leaving decent amounts of ammo behind.

      And don’t suppose for a moment I could enter the elevator on the 70th floor and jump out on 30th. That’d be too easy. Instead, every floor had an elevator up and another down so I’d have to descend each of those 40 floors walking to the damn elevator. And later go back up.

      I immediately realized I would rather have the Hulk kick me in the nuts so I took the only logical reaction. I turned the game off without a second thought.