The Internet of 1981, Today [ VIDEO ]

What kills me about this video is when they mention the estimated 2,000 – 3,000 computer users in the bay area. According to the United States Census Bureau, in 1981 San Francisco had a population of 686,915 people. That means in 1981 that only 1/3 of 1% of the people in San Francisco had a personal computer. Next to no one, actually.

It’s insane to think how much computer technology has grown and become such a huge part of our daily lives in the past 30 years. Frightening, almost.

source: YouTube


  • TheyCallMeTomu

    The internet predating the web. Man, using the internet was so difficult back then.

  • Carmeops

    now, picture this:

    in 33 years from now,

    everything that look technologically advanced today,
    will seem as outdated as this is for us today…

  • Sigurther

    Comics and pictures had waaaaay too much data to be sent over the low baud phone modems. Would take a week to load one low-res pic.

    • Nobody

      Yep pictures on the internet had to wait until the lightning fast 56K modems came out.

      Some might find calling 56K lightning fast but it was in comparison to the 14.4K they were using in this video.

      • Haohmaru

        14.4k? They wish, more like 300 baud in 1981.

        My first modem in 1993 was a 2400 baud.

  • Nineteen SIXY FOUR modem:
    I still wonder why the 90’s era modems still NEEDED to have that goddamned dailup noise, without a mute or volume: why did it still need to be ear-rapingly loud, let alone audiable??

  • Oh, and my university, UCSB, developed one of the first 3 terminals of the internet at North Hall (a nondescript little narrow brown building; doesn’t even have a plaque).