Teens React to Mega Man [ VIDEO ]

I understand that the teens in this video are being encouraged by their “directors” to overreact for entertainment purposes, but are they also told to play as poorly as possible?

Look, the original Mega Man was a hard game. I remember the game came out the year after my tenth birthday and it wasn’t until I was 11 years old that I had the necessary skills to complete it. So I can see why these teenagers are struggling with it, but…They suck! They really don’t understand the basic principles of playing video games and overall they are piss poor excuses for gamers.

There are two simple rules that all gamers should know. One, make sure you know what the buttons do. And two, learn from your friggin’ mistakes. Seriously, I found this video excruciating to watch. That’s why I decided to post it here, so more people could share in my misery.

For Pete’s sake, my five year old daughter has better gaming skills than these kids. Maybe REACT should make a new video called, Little Kids School Teens, that Suck at Playing Video Games.

source: YouTube