Super Mario Brothers Parkour in Real Life

Super Mario Brothers Parkour in Real Life

by Steve Napierski to Videos

Now you know why the Mario Bros. prefer not to do back flips everywhere: they’re less likely to lose their hats.

  • Ryu

    I’m glad I’m not the only one specifically paying attention to their hats.

  • porkroll

    Something tells me those guys will be able to predict the weather later in their life.

  • thewood

    They really should have worked out some way to keep those hats on, it was a little silly.

    • SmartyPants

      Yeah, that was an absolutely unamazing thing to watch, just because of the fucking hats

  • Flinbo

    Mario couldnt keep his hat on

  • Jiko

    Now think what these guys could do with the Thwomp shoes from the super mario bros movie.

  • Nathan

    What about when they’re invincible in Super Mario Bros. 3?

  • Pocket Lord Sephirjon

    I counted 17 lost hats, plus one that vanished before the run started (see 1:14).

  • FuzzyWulfe

    This is more freerunning than parkour. If it were parkour, they wouldn’t be doing so many backflips off one foot tall obstacles. Or climbing through a tree when it would have taken half the time to just go around it.

  • Tustin2121

    I guess none of the guys involved in filming this have heard of bobby pins. That how dancers keep their hats on…