Catching a human in Pokémon GO! [ VIDEO ]

I get it is supposed to be a joke, but why exactly did his appendages break when he went into the pokéball? If you can fit a Wailord, which is 47’07” (14.5 m) in size and 877.4 lbs. (398.0 kg) in weight, into a pokéball without harming it then why not a Seth? I know I am over thinking this one, but just saying…

source: YouTube


  • Tribak

    Actually it seems like the fall did the breaking part, as you can see when he’s flying he seems to be ok.

    • pierski

      Fair enough. If that’s the case, then why does the ball violently throw Seth through the air rather than more gently zapping him towards the ground, like Pikachu? PS Way to much thought going into this.

      • Tribak

        I was trying to hide my lack of knowledge about that specific part :(