Super Mario 3D World’s Four Step Level Design [ VIDEO ]

I remember Egoraptor explaining something similar to thing in his Mega Man Classic vs. Mega Man X episode of Sequelitis. Designing your levels to teach, rather than tell leads to a much more immersive video game experience, overall.

source: YouTube
via: Cheezburger


  • ThisIsNotDan

    That’s really interesting! I hope this video didn’t just ruin all of my future Mario experiences as I subconsciously look for the formula, though.

  • Rxcroxs

    I definitely picked up on this concept going playing through the games. Though that doesn’t necessarily mean I approve. I think it was done best in Galaxy 2 though. Not to random, yet not to procedural. Who wants to play a procedural game like that?

    Why can’t we get open world Mario games again?