Not Another Pokémon Battle [ VIDEO ]

Ricepirate created and awesome Pokémon video, but it’s the closing song that had me in stitches. I get the feeling that it was sang from experience.

Case in point, for me it is currently 12:45pm EST on Christmas Day and I am setting up this post to publish at 7:30pm tonight. After that, I need to do some follow up work on Gravity Forms for a freelance client, do some style changes on another webcomic’s new site design, and then spend some time working on my own projects. All the while, not neglecting my wife and kids on this most joyous day. Might squeeze in something on Crunchyroll to watch with my oldest and consider that “quality” time, but that’s my day off in a nutshell.

Not complaining, this is my life and I quite enjoy it, but it really does leave little time for gaming. An ironic situation when you consider that I run a gaming site. HA!

source: YouTube