Everyone’s a Hypno Critic [ VIDEO ]

Supposedly the smarter someone is, the more susceptible they actually are to hypnosis. That doesn’t say much for Rattata.

source: Dorkly


  • Marcus

    As an actual hypnotist, people who stubournly refuse to believe that hypnosis is real in the face of all the evidence are really annoying.

  • I think you have it backwards there. I volunteered/was picked to be hypnotized during a performance once and was embarrassed about not actually being hypnotized, so i just faked it and played along. Only two people were able to tell, but i was fully aware, and in control, of my actions the entire time. I later found out that I was unable to be hypnotized because i couldn’t clear and relax my mind… I still have trouble with thinking too much.

  • tudza

    Pretty much anyone can be hypnotized.

  • McGloomy

    Nice concept, but the animation seemed a bit lazy – Rattata fainted with its HP bar still full.

  • The Man in Black

    It seems like HYPNO was actually a D&D player with a shitty set of dice. Who else loots a dead rat?